The Last Black Unicorn art shop

last black unicornOfficially I’ve opened up an online art shop on big cartel and called it “The Last Black Unicorn”.  The fact that black unicorns are hardcore and metal gave me inspiration to actually get up and do it.  I’ll mostly have prints, custom skateboard decks, Original artwork and whatever else I find that seems like it would fit in this epic art shop. So if your looking for some cool pieces of art check it out – nature

Also! 21 more days till the What angels dance to kickstarter is over. The whole crew of Radikal Nation would greatly appreciate if you’d spread the word about this fund raiser or even help out by donating . We’re trying to get new equipment to make our craft, passion and hobbies turn into a full blown record label of our own. Theres more information on the link below but if you can’t help out financially then spread the word and let people know.


2 thoughts on “The Last Black Unicorn art shop

  1. I love the Clown painting. that I saw somewhere on your post and also the music. I have taught many years and I am very much impressed your work.

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