Fall (a girl named autumn)

Its about that time for no reason nor rhyme,

that the season wants to change in a unique way.

If autumn were personified into a girl  she’d say “mother nature my life is punk rock and you just don’t understand”

the leaves change color from greens to oranges, reds, and yellows like colorful mohawks

or tropical birds with colorful mohawks

Smoothly transitioning from warm weekends  to depressing monday mornings

wearing puffy jackets and sweaters, scarves, mittens and hoodies

all on top of everything

Autumn becomes cold hearted

and she drops everything you ever thought was beautiful or appealing to the eye

She formed an indie band called “Leaves on the ground”

and sent me her cassette mixtape titled “the fall

the crisp chill of the breeze will always be something I adore

some people may hate, hate hate but I think she’s great

I know for sure I’ve got a crush on autumn

She’s so hardcore.

10 thoughts on “Fall (a girl named autumn)

    • thanks! i’m really into kinda painting the scene with words so im glad you enjoyed it. Be sure to check out some other poems i have on here too like “The dance of black chicken”.

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