yeezus vs voldo

One a international music making legend in the making Kanye west, the other a master of learning the ways of bdsm fighting Voldo in the game series soul Caliber. These two have something very in common which is their iconic “face mask”. On one of the covers of yeezy’s new album titled “yeezus” it shows him wearing a facemask encrusted with diamonds. Personally I think he took it a little too far calling his album yeezus so that people know he’s the rap game jesus but on the other hand I give him the upmost respect for having the balls to do it. I’ve always loved the music that kanye has made in the past and now hearing a few songs off of the new album I love it even more because of the way he’s kinda changing his style with some of his major influences. yeezusWhy just stick with a simple face mask though when you could have a full bdsm suit meant for spreading fear in childrens hearts? the edward scissorhands experiment of the game that went completely right “Voldo”, One of my personal hated characters in soul caliber seems to be the perfect competition for yeezy’s diamond extravaganza. Just imagine a battle of the hypebeast where voldo’s full body suit just gets made fun of and all you hear is that terrifying screech and kanye and his facemask is sent flying through the air. I have to say diamonds are nice but in a fight voldo wins by default all day. Sorry yeezus theres no room for more rediculous face mask.


Who do you guys think won?

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