How many butts does bruce lee have to kick?

like seriously not only did he beat chuck norris (one of the baddest motha fuckahs of all time)

he beat two guys in ping pong tournament at the same damn time not to mention WITH NUNCHUCKS…

Why is bruce lee such a badass? lets just not question his greatness and appreciate the true art of the fearless bruce lee. Shaolin kung fu aint nothing to mess with….and neither is wu tang

you must know karate because yo body is kickin.

6 thoughts on “How many butts does bruce lee have to kick?

  1. Bruce Lee was just one of those scary people you meet every once in a blue moon thats made of rock. He was built like a machine and his fitness was unmatched. I remember watching him in Enter the Dragon and his character gets one clean hit landed on him the whole time and the person that hits him is literally an extra but as far as I’m concerned he’s the toughest guy in the film apart from Bruce because knowone else could do it!

    Nice post and enjoyed the video’s haven’t seen those films in a while, always loved The Big Boss despite the terrible dubbing. Any chance you could check out my new post when you get a chance? Many thanks.

  2. I love Bruce Lee. The man was amazing, especially when you realize that his back was broken and he STILL managed to fight his way back. Thanks for subscribing to my blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Sandra

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