In the eye of the tornado.


The wind spirals and pulls you into its terror. This force of nature destroys all in its path and anyone who decides to get too close. Taking down houses,  cows, and even trees and sending them flying through the air. If only I had the chance to actually see one, Something about them has always kept my interest and made me wonder what it would be like inside the eye of the tornado.  Not only were they giant funnel looking clouds that form out of the sky sucking like a lady of the night for 500 dollars but they are just cool to look at.  The artwork I made for it was a drawing I did in class just playing around with what I could do with chalk pastels and had a lot of fun with it. It definitely was more on the abstract side of things I usually draw but I guess that’s just what c9mes along with using new mediums.

Also be sure to check out the “what angels dance to” kickstarter”  This is a fundraiser for my crew and my music equipment and establishing our own label There’s a video embedded to explain some detail and full details are in the link is below. Even if you cant support financial support socially by spreading we have 60 days to raise $2,500. Thanks a million for taking time to read this and for any support given.

see you space cowboy

4 thoughts on “In the eye of the tornado.

  1. Cool sketch. A person of multisensory talent. Thanks for liking my poem SIGHT and for the follow. I do my best to keep up with supporters. Swamped, about to present my 2nd blog. Thanks.

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