The endless bummer

whatever number you’ll say, summer of 2045 or summer of 09

man oh man.. we sure did have a good time

never forget when we didn’t give a fuck

hearing the jingle, OH that jingle of the ice cream truck

(the warm weather would melt your ice cream anyways so why even bother)

Always remember the nights we didn’t rest

because the day was on repeat, a continuation of the best…day ever!

The highlights of it all will stick out in your mind and with your friends

Like remember when we went to that concert?

man..why does summer have to end

When its finally over you’ll wonder and you’ll ask

why do people live life slow when you could be living it fast

skip straight to summer, have more great times and even bigger blast

(if only I had the power of time control I guess that’s just wishful thinking)

Slowly the leaves change when fall comes and the air gets colder

winter comes in like 2 turtles pushing a boulder…do i have a beard yet am i getting any older?

Spring blossoms like a lady in the bathroom….slow

All this time passing by I keep thinking man

I cant wait till next summer…

All this time passing by adds up to be

The endless bummer.

poetry by Brian Hughes

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