Summer mode

I’m finally free from the clutches of school and officially for me “summer break” begins. I’ve been  making a lot of art and expect to be making a lot more this summer. That time of month where the weather is always nice even when its raining makes me want to do all of my personal artwork and go all out with creativity. In other words just be expecting some cool stuff to be made haha but be sure to like my art page on facebook and or follow me on instagram

art page:

instagram: @hugmehughes

Hows Radikal Nation doing you ask? well, the release of black pyramids couldn’t have gone any more perfect. We currently have 4 solo mixtapes out with each of our individual styles on a variety of different beats. The reason why Ether Radikals release was special was because it was the first to have all original beats made by James Revels also known as King leo of the DYT. This summer is when we’re going to drop the group mixtape titled “Platinum  Batman” featuring everyone in the crew so be on the lookout for that.

I’m not sure about you guys but i’m pretty excited for this summer and I know it’ll be awesome. 88 more days till warped tour comes to Cincinnati and some of my favorite bands I listened to when I was younger will be there like Motion city soundtrack, Chiodos,Hawthone heights all that fun stuff.  Its always a good time going out to music festivals like that, plus its been a tradition between me and a really good friend of mine to go to warped each year.If anyone else is going let me know i’m always down to meet new people.IMG_0568

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