The real Robin…and Batman

The truth is the sidekick of Batman. “Robin”  actually had the ability to turn into an actual robin. Due to the size of his small body and wings they had a custom costume made just for him (he’s pretty special in my book). The two fought crime in the name of protecting gotham city while batman had his utility belt, Robin pecked the crap out of enemies and villains. Dont let his cute little body fool you he’s got the strength of 10 body builders. Robin means business when he transforms  into his true identity HE AINT PLAYIN AROUND.IMG_1195


Batman never thought it was odd that Robin had these powers but only he saw the true potential of what he could do. With the advantage of high grade expensive weaponry from Batman and the eye pecking ability from Robin these two are the unstoppable team of superheroes.


Theres new artwork on the page! be sure to check that out at

18 thoughts on “The real Robin…and Batman

  1. I have to tell you about Robin. I like his little outfit but I can’t take him seriously despite what you say. That stern look he’s aiming at me – it reminds me of me when I was faking it. I could never fool my children and Robin can’t fool me. I’m sure he’s going to break out into a warble any minute.. Batman looks like a good sort.

  2. Thanks for following my blog and introducing me to yours. Love this post, don’t judge and don’t underestimate what can make powerful teams. Look forward to reading more!

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  4. This is super cool (both the artwork and the text !). Thank you so much for following my blog ! Greetings from a woman, from France, who has already seen “The Dark Knight Rises” 7 times !!!

    • Ah no problem! I love anything that deals with batman and Robin so it just made sense to make a little story to go with the artwork I made for this. And that’s awesome your from france (: saluant d’Amérique.

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