I was bumped by the Adult Swim

One thing that I always remember from always being up late at night all the time when I was younger is the coolest pictures that went with the chillest of tunes on Adult swim. They always had me wanting to come back for more of the great shows that were shown too. My favorite late night shows probably had to be Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Cowboy bebop because those always had me laughing for days from the stuff I saw on there. A big part of my taste in music actually came from the adult swim bumps though because I heard a song by flying lotus and instantly got thrown into a huge genre of many different types of music and artist.

I like my music how I like my ice cubes….chilled.

11 thoughts on “I was bumped by the Adult Swim

  1. Damn… that brings allot of memories rushing in. I remember always closing my eyes whenever they had those warning since I wasn’t “suppose” to watch because I was to young.

    Adult Swim was awesome, I remember sitting there as a kid and thinking “this is one of those sweet moments in my life I’ll never forget”. I knew it was going to end and I would miss but I enjoyed every second of it.

    Its actually the main reason I got into anime seriously. So much joy. Thanks for bringing these into light.

    FLCL, Paranoia Agent, Samurai Champloo, Fullmetal Alchemist, Ghost In the Shell Stand Alone Complex.

    • yess im glad someone know the same feeling I had watching adult swim, and I dont care what anyone say hands down FLCL is the best 7 episodes of anime i’ve ever seen. Those bumps put me in that state of mind that I could make something as cool as that.

  2. I do not even understand how I stopped up right here, but I thought this submit was great. I do not realize who you are however definitely you are going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already. Cheers!

  3. The first guy on the bump team who helped develop the tone of Adult Swim is my very best friend on the planet. He’s added a couple more people to the team over the years, but I’m glad to see the vibe of his original work recognized. His job is a thankless one most of the time, but fans like you guys are the reason he sweats over every image, every piece of music, every word, every everything, every week. I’m forwarding him this link. He’ll be quietly happy to receive it. Thanks for watching.

    • wow, thats really awesome that you know the guy who makes some of these great tunes. Let him know that his work is never gone unnoticed or under appreciated because he and the adult swim bump team are great at what they do. Thanks for the comment.

    • yes! i’m not sure if they got their start ON adult swim but its where I first heard them and instantly fell in love. I dont even know what mtv is doing now a days (probably getting 16 and pregnant 800th season haha).Glad you stopped by and enjoyed the post.

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