The dance of the black chicken.

His black feathers shined like the bright stars of the night. Many of them flew through the air and drifted slowly to the ground as he flapped his wings rapidly.

He was doing the dance forbidden by all chickens, and once he began there was no turning back. On one of his chicken he hopped backwards and started flying in a figure 8.

Before he knew it, the moonlight flashed and the stars seemed to scatter in every direction. The night was dark and he fell to the ground.

It felt like and eternity since he did the forbidden dance, in reality though it wasn’t. He got up, spread his big black wings and with relief that he had survived he said….


(he could now live forever)

Brian HughesIMG_0691


45 thoughts on “The dance of the black chicken.

  1. I love this piece! is this your art? 🙂

    I think my mother would love the art she has real live pooping chickens in her yard. 🙂

    • Thank you 😀
      and yes it is my artwork, a good friend of mine actually has a bunch of chickens and other farm animals in her backyard as well haha
      I enjoy hopefully making peoples day with the writings and artwork that I post on here.

      • aww, thanks. Do you draw turtles by chance….those are my favorites. i should get me a pet turtle…

        my mom’s two hens laid 15 pollitos (baby chicks) and I gotta go bk and take pics. the mommys wouldnt let me pull them from the coop to take fotos.

        thank u for following. I look forward to sharing with you

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    • Thanks 🙂 I really feel the tone was set in this by the dark night that I mentioned in it. It kinda made you feel like you were viewing the chicken do the dance from far away.

  3. Thanks for following New in Every Way. This is an interesting post. I like the sketch and I’m curious about the concept of the chicken living forever . . . because of a forbidden dance. Care to unpack that?

    • I’m glad to hear you enjoy the post (: and of course, I wanted to base the whole story of the chicken off of an idea i had “what if someone could live forever and how would they do it”. The fact that it was a dance being done reminded me of a morning routine because the “black chicken” was in the night. So as humans how we get up in the morning, take a shower, get dressed, brush our teeth or however you may start you day I wanted the dance to represent how a chicken would get ready to start the day and live forever. I hope that makes sense haha.

  4. Huh! Yes, it makes sense. My dad passed two years ago. I wonder how he started his new day of living forever in that glorious place–in the company of God himself and a lot of awesome people. . . . There’s a song about that: “I Can Only Imagine.” (The one by Mercy Me or Wynonna Judd)

  5. You had me at BUKAW! This was likely the most awesome thing I have read today. Chickens, for some reason, crack me up.
    The forbidden chicken dance … now that is something I have got to see!

    • Thank you 😀 i’m glad you love the chicken and his dance haha being descriptive with words like that is one of my favorite things to do because i can “paint a picture” with the words in story.

    • The black chicken is my hero! it’s cool to see that people are really seeing the deeper meaning behind the black chicken with principles of life though. Sometimes you just have to personify barnyard animals as totally awesome dancers haha.

    • you know, It’s crazy to me how the story ended up being so appealing to people but i’m vey glad you love it (: I try and send people on a adventure through the writing or artwork I do.

  6. Thanks for checking out my Brynmore blog. I checked out your facebook page and really dig your art, particularly the darker stuff. I’ve some pieces up on deviantart, just search Brynmore13.

    • Oh yes! i love making artwork that has a darker feel to it. If ive creeped you out with anything ive made then my job is done here haha but i’m glad you like it \ I saw some of your stuff on deviant art as well and i like that your using traditional mediums as well as digital (:

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