we dont smash, we brawl.

The fact that the members of Radikal Nation take the nintendo game “Super Smash Brothers” melee and brawl so seriously scares anyone who dares to challenge. The way of brawling has been perfected down to an art of dazzling displays and skillful K’O’s. Even to this day I remember when I purchased the game, the amount of time spent on perfecting the craft could be compared to a samurai training for battle. In the ways of the afro samurai the number 1 headband player is the one who rules the leaderboard with excessive amounts of player kills. No mercy is shown on the battlefield so the matches get intense, especially on the crowd favorite Hyrule Temple. Out of all well trained members of RN, ‘Nature’ better known as goku in game is the veteran sensei player of them all.

IF ANYONE THINKS THEY CAN CHALLENGE US….let us know, and get on the sticks599110-smashgrid

8 thoughts on “we dont smash, we brawl.

  1. Cheers for checking out my blog. Just so you know, I’m an avid fan slash master myself of the series. If we can somehow set an online match up, I’m game. Curiously, favorite character?

    • ah snap a challenge haha i’m game to play an online match. Glad to know there’s other people out there who play. My favorite character on melee would have to be young link but on brawl thats a secret my friend im pretty good with a variety of characters though. Just give me a time and day and we can set this match up ;p

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