Wont stop till I see the rising sun

Ive had so many dreams of eventually reaching the great city of tokyo. The lights, the rush of the people on the crosswalks, just the experience in general is something that I’ve wished to do. Even my artwork that I make whether it be music, art or even poetry Its influenced by western culture. One day i’ll be there, surrounded by tall buildings or on stage in front a crowd of people just enjoying the things I love in the place that ive dreamt to go.


New artwork on my art page! and dont forget to check out Radikal Nations newest release from king leo “Chapter 19”

art page:  http://www.facebook.com/BrianHughesArt

Radikal Nation music: http://rnwdgaf.bandcamp.com/

12 thoughts on “Wont stop till I see the rising sun

    • sure dude, you said you were kinda interested in the art piece as well didnt you? At the moment I can’t do anything with the one piece you were looking at (only because it was a collaboration piece) I can talk to whitney the other artist about it and see what she wants to do. On the topic of tokyo though that would so awesome to go.

      • Yeah, we can exchange e-mails and make this more private but the main purpose of my blog is to help average everyday people like yourself and I to reach their travel dream destinations via my travel club. Most people think travel club… oh my, must cost a pretty penny to get into and stay a member of, but that is definitely not the case for mine! haha, if it was I wouldn’t be a member myself because I’m a broke college student. In regards to the collaboration piece, yes I was interested in making a flash fiction piece out of it if Whitney and yourself wouldn’t mind me adding a literary element to it. Let me know. my e-mail address is iconsidermyselfavagabond@dominicjones.info ; so we can speak more about the travel club. I’m going to go and see if we have any trips already scheduled for Tokyo so when you e-mail me I can send you screenshots.

  1. King Leo,

    What a powerful song “Chapter 19”. I salute you. I have been to Tokyo for 36 hours several years ago with my Mom. It was one of our greatest times together. Thank you for following my blog. That is so touching.

    With love, Amanda

    • Very much appreciated that you like chapter 19. And even for being in tokyo for 36 hours would be enough for me haha. I shall one day experience those good times in tokyo and i’ll tell everyone about it. Your blog is great so no problem.

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