Dont forget to check out our music!

As of right now, Radikal Nation has 3 mixtapes out coming from a different variety of styles we have within the group.

“Bout Dat lif3” by Nature

Bout Dat Lif3.” is a mixture of chill old school Hip hop vibes and 8-bit video games and it’s about how I represent myself as gamer and an hip hop artist. I’m bringing something new to the table so enjoy. – Nature

“The Shroud” by Divine Linez

The lyrics and rap vibe that Divine Linez represents just proves Radikal Nation doesnt give a fuck. 8 tracks of pure, raw, hip hop and rap Radikal Nation presents, The Shroud

And of course last but least

“Chapter 19” by King leo

Chapter 19, a cathartic EP symbolizing the closing of one chapter, and the beginning of a new. Featuring songs with a myriad of topics inspired by events of King Leo’s life. With every aspect of the sounds constructed by Leo himself, Chapter 19 EP is the most refreshingly innovative hip hop EP released this year.

we’ll soon have more to come but take a listen to what we have now and tell us what you think. DGAF.

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