Flowers (a poem about acid.)

Flowers by Brian Hughes

The world you see is not the world I see, The world I see is filled with different flavored icees. The dull colors from all around me burst beautifully into bright vibrant colors. With walls glowing and time slowing, the truth and meaning for everything is finally showing. At this moment if my mind was a flower it would be a Lovely Smiling Daisy and it had the seeds to send me somewhere surreal. Planting daffodils and violets filled with visions of purple people and pilots flying through the space rips of reality. Not knowing where I was but the feeling of finally being free made all problems seem pointless as a poinsettia. Probably because the feeling of flying made everything better. As I closed my eyes and everything returned to normal I thanked Lucy the Skylit Dreamer and she thanked me back. With a pat on the back and a kiss on the nose she disappeared to that castle in the sky leaving me with nothing but a fluorescent flower pedal rose.

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